G'day mate! Miss that beautiful view you paid for when you bought your lovely home? Better clean those windows! Although, cleaning all that glass is hard yakka (or, 'hard work'), it's boring, and will probably take you flaming ages! (or, 'a really long time'.) Better to call:


Your Window Cleaning Checklist:

  • Find a Top Rated ★★★★★ cleaner that my neighbors love!
  • Find a licensed, insured company who can clean my glass without damaging it.
  • Make sure they can deliver spot and streak-free results!
  • Make sure they can reach even difficult 3rd or 4th story windows.
  • Ensure my property will be protected from drips during the cleaning.
  • Get a bullet-proof guarantee that I'll love the results!
  • Find a company with access to the best equipment and knowledge.
  • Make sure they have years of training and experience in window washing.
  • Work with a McDonough based company, who serves Stockbridge, Hampton, Conyers, Covington, Locust Grove, Jackson and more.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:
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A Frog In A Sock:

Window cleaning is an art-form. If you've ever tried to clean your windows yourself, you've probably had that frustrating experience of spending all day spraying and wiping off those windows, only to wake up the next day and watch the sunlight reveal all the streaks, swirls and drips left over on those windows you worked so hard to clean the day before! You're left feeling cross as a frog in a sock! (or, 'very upset'). Not to mention, you probably have some windows that there's just no way you'll ever clean: like that beautiful high foyer window over your entryway, or those gorgeous large panes in your great-room out back. In other words, your favorite windows! But right now all you see in them is grime, dust, and despair.

Grinning Like A Shot Fox:

In a recent 9-year study, it was found that having the windows cleaned in your home produces immediate and long-lasting happiness. It also earns the admiration of friends - and perhaps most importantly - the approval of one's in-laws. Now, full disclosure: the study was conducted by ourselves over the last 9 years, and was based on observed reactions and anecdotal evidence provided by our satisfied clients. So the "study" might not have been strictly scientific, but that doesn't mean the results weren't real and true! We're sure the same will be true for you. Instead of worrying about cleaning those windows yourself, instead of worrying about how the job will turn out, just trust your local window cleaning experts to take care of this important task for you! We've got years of experience - in fact , our company started life as a window cleaning company only. We use only modern techniques, equipment, and soaps - to make sure that every kind of window known to man can be safely and effectively cleaned. And all of our work is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee - so if you're not happy with the results of the cleaning, you simply won't pay a cent! You can read about our cleaning methods below, or else if you're ready to get the ball rolling with us, call us at 770-282-0767, or click the orange button for a free quote! We're sure that you'll love the results and service you receive so much, that when we're done you'll be grinning like a shot fox!

Our Methods:

Ok. You asked for it. So you really want to know what our methods are? Window cleaning is not that exciting to do, let alone talk about. But oh well, here goes: Assuming you're getting in-and-out service, we generally follow this plan. After we've met, exchanged pleasantries and greetings, introduced ourselves, given your dog a light scratch behind the ears and pulled faces at your young baby, we'll slip on our shoe covers to protect your flooring from shoe scuffs or dirt, and step inside. "Is anybody still sleeping in the bedrooms, etc?" Just in case we need to modify our movement through the house. We usually start on the top floor and work our way around to each window, removing each screen carefully and making a stack on the corridor on a clean towel we've brought inside with us. Then while the window is still open, we'll brush out the debris in the window track, vacuum it up with our small portable machine, then wipe out whatever remains with a rag. Eventually we will have travelled to all windows, removed all screens, and cleaned all tracks and sills. Once outside again, it's usually time to wash the screens with our handy-dandy screen washer device, which will give them a good soapy scrub to remove all dirt, algae and webs. We'll set the clean screens aside to let them dry. Now it's the fun part: cleaning the exterior glass surfaces and frames. For this part we will decide which or two methods is best: the traditional scrub and squeegee method using ladders to access the high windows, or the "pure-water" method using an extendable carbon-fiber pole with scrubbing head and water-jets. If we use this method, you might wonder why we're leaving the windows wet and moving on. Don't worry, the RO/DI water used will dry spot-free, and does a truly exceptional job! Avoiding ladders also minimizes the chance of accidents or property damage, so it's a win-win. By now the screens should be dry, and ready to install one by one as we travel back around to each interior window, where we can also check the exterior cleaning result from inside the home, and then put the finishing touch on your window cleaning experience: cleaning the interior glass surface. There will be no pure-water cleaning for this bit of course! No, it'll be back to traditional scrub and squeegee methods. We're looking for a no-drip result after all! This step really is the icing on the cake! You'll probably already be shocked at how good the windows look with their exteriors all nice and clean, but you'll be surprised once again as each window becomes even cleaner once the inner side is done. You might even wonder if your windows have been left open! Sound good? Think you're ready to experience for yourself the unbridled joy of clean, sparkling glass? Then call us at 770-282-0767, or click the orange button for a free quote!