G'day mate! Got the dirty, ugly black streaks on your roof? If you don't clean it, that stuff will eat your roof to an early grave, costing you $1,000's. But there's a safe, cost-effective solution! Call:


Your Roof Cleaning Checklist:

  • Make sure my roof will be cleaned with safe, low-pressure. Not "pressure-washed".
  • Find a licensed, insured company who can gently clean my asphalt shingles without damaging them.
  • Find a Top Rated ★★★★★ cleaner that my neighbors love!
  • Ensure my landscaping and other property will be protected during the cleaning.
  • Make sure the company is an expert in the field, so that I won't have to replace my roof anyway, because of an overly-aggressive cleaning.
  • Get a 2 Year Cleaning Warranty with FREE touch-ups in case the stains return.
  • Work with a local McDonough-based company, who serves Stockbridge, Hampton, Conyers, Covington, Locust Grove, Jackson and more, so they'll be nearby if I ever need to use that warranty.
  • Get a bullet-proof satisfaction guarantee, so that I know I'll love the results!

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:
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A Dirty Roof Is Like a 'B & S Ball' On Your Roof

So you might be wondering what those black streaks on your roof are in the first place. To put it simply, it's a living bacteria which multiplies and grows by feeding on the limestone granules of your shingles. It's like a 'B & S Ball' on your roof (or 'a Bachelor's and Spinster's Ball (Dance), usually held in rural Australia for the purpose of helping singles meet each other). The bacteria thrives in our humid Georgia weather. It grows and multiplies, trapping moisture on your roof, wearing down the shingle material, so that you'll need to fork out (or 'pay') for a new roof long before you ever expected.
Homeowners Insurance
"Algae-infested roof? Hmm... That gives me an idea!"
Now, the insurance companies - cunning as dunny rats (or, 'as clever as a rat living in a toilet stall') - have figured out that your algae-infested roof will wear out much faster than it should, and so it probably won't be long before you get that dreaded letter from them, threatening a cancellation of your policy. The shingle manufacturer's, have also figured this out, and won't honor your roof warranty either. Your roof will cark it (or, 'die'), and you'll be on the hook for a new one. Talk about stiff bickies! (literally, 'stale cookies', ie 'a bad turn of events')

Like a Brand Spanker!

The good news is that there's an easy fix: Roof Cleaning! The shingle manufacturers even spell out how this work should be done, in order to maintain the warranty and avoid expensive damage. You'll probably find it boring as dirt (no translation needed?), but you can read about it here. The problem, however, is that following their guidelines requires investing in expensive equipment, handling specialized cleaning agents, and carrying out the work with great care. It can take years to become proficient. Many companies (even some who claim to specialize in roof cleaning) choose instead to simply blast away the muck with a pressure washer, or harmful chemicals, which will reduce the life of your roof rather than prolong it. Yep, there's only one way to properly clean a roof, but when done right, it's an extremely worthwhile service. It can in some cases double the life of your roof, saving you thousands of dollars in roof-repair costs. Plus it'll make your home look like a brand spanker! (or, 'brand new'.)

A Real Rip-Snorter

To be honest, here at Cyclone, we just love cleaning roofs. It's our favorite service! It's true that the methods outlined by the American Roofing Manufacturer's Association are not the easiest to follow. Not just any Joe Blow can follow them successfully. Precautions need to be taken to avoid killing your plants or damaging other property. But we take those precautions - no corners are cut - and so, turns out, we've been cleaning roofs for many years without incident. We really enjoy seeing the look on our client's face when they see the results. You'll be a stunned mullet too! (or 'shocked and astonished', like an open-mouthed fish who has been stunned.) So get on the blower (or, 'pick up the phone') and call us at 770-282-0767, or click the orange button for a free quote! We'll be glad to hear from you, and you'll be cheerin'. (or, 'cheering with excitement.')