G'day mate! Any ol' cobber (or, 'stranger, in a friendly sense') can point a pressure washing wand at a brick or concrete surface and go to town. But achieving the kind of result you can be proud of, and avoiding property damage to your McDonough or Stockbridge home, requires working with:


Your Pressure Washing Checklist:

  • Work with a local McDonough-based company, who serves Stockbridge, Hampton, Conyers, Covington, Locust Grove, Jackson and more.
  • Find a Top Rated ★★★★★ cleaner that my neighbors love!
  • Find a licensed, insured pressure cleaning company who won't simply "blast now, and ask questions later."
  • Make sure they know exactly how to clean my exact kind of driveway, patio or sidewalk.
  • Find someone who knows how to treat any stains I might have on my flat surfaces.
  • Make sure they have years of training and experience in power washing.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:
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He Had a Real Barry

Driveways, patios and decks get pretty grubby (or, 'dirty') pretty quick here in Georgia. That's why many homeowners own a pressure washer, to keep their property clean. The big box stores love it! Customers... all lining up for expensive little machines that do little more than cost a homeowner precious time. I know one poor bloke (or, 'man') in McDonough who spent about 8 hours trying to clean his little 6-car driveway. He had a real Barry Crocker! (or, 'a real shocker' as in 'very poor', in honor of the 20th century Australian entertainer.) Furthermore, like that poor McDonough resident, when all is said and done, going the DIY route will probably get you these kinds of results:
'Wand marks' on a driveway in Stockbridge, GA - caused by using a consumer grade pressure washer.
Swirl marks on a driveway in McDonough, GA - caused by using a cheap consumer-grade tool with poor technique.
Yep. About as useful as a third armpit, hey?

Don't Spit The Dummy

Now, something we've noticed while working in the McDonough area, and also around Stockbridge, Covington, Conyers, Hampton and Locust Grove, is that many so-called "professional companies" are also using the same consumer-grade equipment, and achieving the same consumer-grade results. Oh, their services are justifyably cheap as chips, (or, 'cheap as french-fries'), but if the end result is mediocre, then what was the point? You'll spit the dummy (or 'spit out the baby pacifier', as in 'be really upset') if you have to drag out your own little power washer to touch up their work, or worse still, call another company and pay all over again, to get the results you wanted in the first place.
No hacks please
You'd trust this guy to blast dirt off of your stuff... right???

A Smidge More

To get professional results, you need professional equipment. And to avoid property damage, you need professional training. We offer both of those things to you, right out of the gate. Hire us once, and be done with this project! Expensive equipment and years of accumulated knowledge might mean our service costs a smidge more (or, 'a smidgen (small amount) more') than the price the last guy scribbled on the back of his Macca's serviette (or, 'McDonalds napkin'), but as more and more Henry County residents are finding out, it's totally worth it, and cheaper in the long run anyway! So give us a yell at 770-282-0767, or click the orange button your free quote! We look forward to having a yak (or, 'conversation') about your pressure washing needs!