G'day mate! Dirty vinyl siding, stucco or brick can make a beautiful house look like as ugly as a box of blowflies (or, 'very ugly'). If that's happened to you, don't worry, because you've found:


Your House Washing Checklist:

  • Find a Top Rated ★★★★★ cleaner that my neighbors love!
  • Find a licensed, insured company who knows exactly how to safely clean my home's exact kind of siding, be it vinyl, stucco, EIFS, whatever.
  • Make sure they will only use safe, low-pressure.
  • Find someone who will protect my security cameras, doorbell, inspect and tape leaky electrical sockets, door seals, etc, before they start spraying my home with water.
  • Get a 12 Month No-Green Warranty, just in case the green algae returns before then.
  • Work with a McDonough based company, who serves Stockbridge, Hampton, Conyers, Covington, Locust Grove, Jackson and more, so they'll be nearby if I need to use that warranty.
  • Make sure they have years of training and experience in house washing.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:
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Mad As A Cut Snake

Pretty much everybody in Henry county and the surrounding area knows that siding gets dirty - whether it be vinyl, brick, stucco, you name it - and dirty siding needs to be power washed. You don't need to be convinced, you're here because you get it.
You'd be mad as a cut snake
You'd have to be mad as a cut snake to hire just anybody to power wash your home.
Problem is, practically everybody and their Mum (or, 'a lot of people') will offer to pressure wash your home's siding, but you'd have to be mad as a cut snake (or, 'crazy') to hire most of them. Even some who advertise 'low-pressure house washing' have been responsible for property damage in our local area. Here are 3 examples seen in the last year:
Damaged vinyl siding in Stockbridge, GA - contractor claimed they would be using low pressure.
Damaged stucco in Lithonia, GA - contractor used high pressure in attempt to remove stubborn stains.
Electrical fire caused by leaky supply box, which was not inspected and taped prior to cleaning.
I don't know about you, but if that was my Stockbridge or Lithonia house, I'd be spewing! (or, 'vomiting', ie. 'very upset'.) Now, if you really want to know how the above property damage occurred, feel free to ask us while we're working at your home. It's a little too technical and boring to explain right here. But let's just say we've pretty much seen it all, and know how and why things can go pear-shaped (or, 'wrong') when an improperly trained pressure washing technician is allowed to blast away at your home.

She'll Be Apples

You'll be relieved to know that house washing is one of the things we're very good at. Right after we rock up (or, 'arrive') at your home, we'll walk around the outside looking for anything suss, (or, 'suspicious'), like electrical outlets and door-seals that aren't water-tight, security cameras and Ring doorbells (which we'll tape over or cover with bags), and anything else unique about your house that could be damaged if we don't protect it - and believe us when we say, most houses have something unique about them that we've learned to identify and adjust for - all the way down to the kind of paint on your door hardware. Then we'll clean off all the dirt, algae, mildew, spiders webs, and before you can say "this company is a deadset ripper!" (or, 'definitely great!') the work will be done, your home will be sparkling, and she'll be apples, mate! (or, 'everything will be fine, friend!') So call us at 770-282-0767, or click the orange button for your free quote! You'll be chuffed (or, 'very satisfied') that you called Cyclone!