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How Much Should My Pressure Washing Project Cost?

There are some power washing projects that even the most handy McDonough homeowner simply can't do themselves. It might be for lack of having the right tools, having the right chemicals, or having the right knowledge. And so, the search for a professional Henry County pressure washing contractor begins.

If you've ever waded into the world of hiring a service provider, you've probably experienced something that is certainly true of power washing: you put in a few inquiries for bids, the quotes come rolling in, and the prices are all over the map! Take your house wash project for example: bids can vary by several hundred dollars at times - and sometimes at unbelievably low prices. You've probably seen those yard-signs advertising "$99 for any size house!"

So how can you know if the price you're being quoted is fair? How can you know if you're being ripped off? Understanding the many factors at play when a pressure washing service provider gives you a quote can help you answer those questions. We'll break them into two categories: 1) the cost of doing business, and 2) quality of service.

The Cost of Doing Business

Understanding what it costs a power washing contractor to provide services to the public can help you understand their prices. Here are some typical items a professional pressure washer will be factoring into his or her pricing:

  1. Equipment costs: A typical consumer-grade pressure washer from a hardware store can cost up to $1,000. But even the most potent, expensive homeowner-grade pressure washer is grossly inadequate when it comes to taking care of the cleaning needs of the average, modern home. A comparatively small 30' driveway could take several hours using one of those store-bought machines - not to mention adding siding cleaning, the deck, the walkways, etc. Since a professional power washer doesn't want to inconvenience you by spending days at your home cleaning the many surfaces which have become soiled over time, he or she will probably have invested in professional-grade machines and equipment. It's quite common for a pressure washing contractor to have invested over $10,000 for even the most simple setup. And of course, all of that equipment is heavy and takes up a lot of space. So a heavy-duty pressure washing trailer or truck-mount system is probably required to transport all of that equipment from one job site to the next. And if hot water is needed to clean oil and grease stains from concrete? Well now we're talking heavy, expensive diesel-fired burners to heat the water being used in the cleaning. You get the picture: professional power washing required a significant investment in the equipment alone.
  2. Cleaning Chemicals: Additional to equipment costs are the high prices of professional-grade soaps and detergents. These cleaning agents are necessary for a professional result, but they're not cheap! Many of these chemicals are not readily available locally, and need to be ordered and shipped from far away. Is it worth it? For you, the customer, it is absolutely worth it! The superior results that these cleaning agents provide are often the difference between a mediocre result, and a stellar one! But the cost needs to be accounted for somewhere.
  3. Insurance: Liability insurance is a must for power washing contractors. In spite of the high level of skill that the professional might possess, accidents do happen, and if they do, a reputable company will want to make sure their valued customers are properly covered. Well, that kind of insurance isn't cheap. Not to mention, they will also be carrying a different kind of auto insurance - "commercial auto insurance", to be exact - since if their vehicle is involved in an accident on your property while engaged in business, a regular personal auto policy won't cut it. If the contractor has employees, worker's compensation insurance will also be required, in case there is injury sustained by one of the workers. We could go on and on, but the point is that the professional power washing contractor you hire may be carrying a number of different insurance policies, to ensure that he, you, your property, and his workers (if he has any), are all covered in the case of an accident.
  4. Other taxes, registrations: Additional to all of the above, to operate legally, there are a myriad of licenses, taxes and registrations to be paid annually. These expenses really do benefit the customer. Think about it: if anything were to go wrong during the job and the contractor were at fault, is he likely to skip town and shun his responsibility if he is a legitimate, established, registered business with a reputation to uphold? Certainly not. Licensing and registration is a boring topic to discuss, but as a homeowner, it's one of the most important aspects when choosing a power washing company.
  5. Education: The better power washing companies will also continually invest in their own education, to make sure that their methods are always in line with modern standards of safety and effectiveness. That's good for you, the customer - so that you know that you're always getting the best quality of service that is available today.

Quality of Service

So maybe two companies have exactly the same expenses. Is there anything further that might distinguish one from the other? Absolutely! That would be quality of service.

  1. Workmanship: As is to be expected, no two power washing companies will have exactly the same standard when it comes to when the surface being cleaned is considered to be "clean". For example, will all of the algae be cleaned off of the siding? Even in hard to reach areas like behind chimneys, above overhangs, and behind bushes? And not to be forgotten, how much care will be taken to avoid damage to property and landscaping? What precautions will be taken, if any? Obviously, the higher the quality of service, the higher the price will likely be. Is that additional cost worth it? Well, if you are trying to take good care of your property, of course it is!
  2. Satisfaction Guarantees: Many companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, but not all will back up that claim with anything tangible. It's easy to say "we offer a satisfaction guarantee", but if you're not satisfied, what will they do about it? Shrug their shoulders and say they're sorry? Here at Cyclone for example, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Meaning, if you're not totally satisfied with the quality of service, we'll do everything in our power to make it right. If we can't make it right, we'll give you a full refund. That of course puts a company like ours in a position that is open to abuse by dishonest would-be customers. And yet, we've given our word, and we'll stand by it. The positive however, is that for the 99.99% of our customers who want honest service in exchange for their honest treatment of the guarantee - people like you - our guarantee adds a layer of protection and peace of mind that is rare in this day and age. Surely that kind of assurance is worth paying a little bit extra for. You know, just in case...

So What's a Fair Price?

In view of the foregoing, you'll probably find that most reputable power washing companies you deal with will be charging significantly more than "$99 for any house." No power washing company can stay in business for that kind of price, and deliver the kind of quality, security, honesty, and customer service that you need to take place on your property - your castle, your home. In order to make a bare-bones living at such bargain-basement prices, the power washing company would need to use cheap, basic, consumer-grade equipment. They'll need to drop their insurances, stop paying taxes and registration, cut corners on the cleaning itself, or as we say in the business: "splash, and dash." But thinking about that beautiful house you've worked so hard to afford and maintain, do you really want your power washing contractor to do that? ....We didn't think so! ;-)

Here at Cyclone Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing, our prices are very much consistent with industry averages. We work hard to stay competitive price-wise, but still maintain a high level of professionalism so that customers like you will keep coming back year after year. It's a recipe that has worked very well for us over the years.

But enough with the hypotheticals! What is your power washing project actually going to cost you? Why not click the online estimate button at the top of this page to get your free quote? We look forward to showing why we really think that Cyclone is "Your Smartest Option."

Written by: Chris Kinny
May 6th, 2018
Cyclone Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

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